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Dilly Dally Bunting started in 2008 to solve a problem I had come up against myself….

I was getting married and required a large quantity of good old fashioned, traditional county style bunting, but no one did  it…  so I decided I would be the  first!

Standing on the kitchen step with a crazy business idea whirring around in my head, I blurt out “come on, lets not dilly dally about this!” and so ‘Dilly Dally Bunting’ was born!  Since then our bunting has adorned just about every type of event in every type of venue across the UK  from our local village hall to the BBC Eastenders set!

We know that an experienced and personal service makes all the difference when planning a special day, so just call us today  for a  friendly chat about your requirements and bunting availability

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Green Machines…
Hiring bunting is already environmentally conscious simply by it’s very nature of ‘re-using’ an item.

We have gone one better than that, and teamed up Ethel with Mable, so many of our strings have been strung using leg power rather than electricity too!

We pride ourselves on being one of the original ‘traditional’ style bunting suppliers, and we maintain this by continuing to design everything ourselves, cherry picking the very best quality, big name fabrics, and sewing every flag and string of our ever growing bunting collection with our own fair hands.

We listen to our customers needs - we add to our collection to keep up with demand, we design based on requests and feedback, and we evolve our services to help in what can be a very stressful time!

And finally, we also believe if we wouldn’t use a design ourselves, we won’t make it - and we’ll unpick entire strings if we’re not 100% happy!

Sewing old fashioned bunting with old fashioned machines

In the true spirit of traditional we even use old Singer sewing machines, our collection currently spanning 1933 to 1951, all named and cherished!

Not only are our gals beautiful to look at, they are a pleasure to work with and really knock the socks off their newer counterparts when it comes to getting through bobbin after bobbin without so much as a whimper!

Mavis (15k/1933), Granny Petty (66k/1934), Joan (201k/1936),
Ethel (201k/1941) & Edith (201k/1950). Mable (treadle - cabinet table No.2) & Betty (library cabinet No.40)

The Original ‘Traditional Country Bunting Hire’ company